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THE WEEK Sept 2, 2011

Updated: 2011-09-02 19:10
By The Week (chinadaily.com.cn)

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Illegal ads on Google

A United States attorney claimed the US government has e-mails which suggest Google CEO Larry Page allowed illegal business to be advertised on its site.

Last week, Page agreed to forfeit 500 million dollars to the US government from money his company made off of unlicensed Canadian pharmacies advertising the illegal sale of medicines to American customers.

But the government may still have some work to do as The Week's investigative team found some other questionable ads while surfing the site.

Human ears grow on mice

Those stem cells could be useful for Chinese scientist Cai Yilin. Cai spent more than 20 years proving the science he used to regenerate a human ear on the back of a mouse.

Experts say if Cai's method develops further, they could figure out ways to create other human body parts on mice, so we sent The Week's correspondent Kurt Lin to the streets to find out which body parts you want regenerated.

THE WEEK Sept 2, 2011

Obama arrested!

United States President Barack Obama has been known to drink a beer or two. And news this week suggests the president's uncle, 67-year-old Oyango Obama, likes to throw a few back, as well.

Oyango was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol earlier this week and told police he would call the White House to pay his bail. Sources tell The Week's investigative team the president told his uncle the fiercely debated debt-reduction agreement signed this month in the US prevents officials from spending government money to bail family members out of jail.

So much beer

Oyango Obama wasn't the only person drinking too much this week. Qingdao China's annual beer fest wrapped up this week. More than 4 million people gathered in Qingdao during the month-long festival and consumed over 1,100 tons of beer. There are bound to be some great photos, videos and stories after drinking that much beer. So we want you post your best stuff on weibo.com/chinadailytheweek.

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THE WEEK Sept 2, 2011

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THE WEEK Sept 2, 2011