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THE WEEK Sept 23: This wacky world

Updated: 2011-09-23 21:56
By The Week (chinadaily.com.cn)

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(Porno)Graphic sex ed

A new sex education textbook has been causing a stir in China the past few weeks. The book, which will be given to 6-to-12-year-olds as a trial, shows naked bodies and includes passages which some consider graphic, or worse, pornographic. These images are coupled with passages such as, "Dad inserts his penis into Mom's vagina at full tilt and the sperm enters Mom's vagina." This book may be too mature for kids, considering it's too mature for The Week.

Night clubs go silent

The blaring music at dance clubs can often get in the way of a conversation. But the latest trend is silent clubs, where party-goers listen to music on headphones rather than on huge speakers. It may look silly to an outsider – watching dancers groove to silence – but it's also an end to an encounters like this one from the CBS hit show How I Met Your Mother.

Russian rumble

A fight between two Russian business tycoons broke out on a nationally televised talk show. This isn't the first time talk shows guests have resorted to fisticuffs to solve a dispute. The Week's special contributor, Clark Cahill, tells us more.

Pirate party

Germany's Pirate Party, which fights mainly for Internet freedom, won a surprise seat in the regional government. The pirates had wild parties upon hearing the news of victory, so we went out to watch them celebrate.

This wacky world!

Two American men found their friend dead in his apartment, but they didn't let that spoil their night. Apparently they put his body in the car and spent his $400 at a strip club.

An online video shows 1,800 people stripping naked at an Austrian football stadium this week. The BBC published the video but didn't give any explanation.

Two twins who were conjoined at the head underwent successful operation to be separated.

And breaking news from China Daily this week: Chinese food is good. The paper quotes on person as saying, "It is so delicious."

THE WEEK Sept 23: This wacky world

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THE WEEK Sept 23: This wacky world

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THE WEEK Sept 23: This wacky world

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