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THE WEEK Oct 14, 2011

Updated: 2011-10-14 19:44
By THE WEEK (chinadaily.com.cn)

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What do you want?

A string of protests is spreading across the United States – and now the rest of the world. The so-called occupiers are mimicking a small group of people who started the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York four week ago. The group is speaking out against government corruption, lack of funding for education, insufficient health care, corporate greed, housing prices, political partisanship, unemployment, unfair distribution of income, bank bailouts, private funding for politics, capital punishment, the Federal Reserve, limited union rights and a lack of funding for public services. What issues have they missed?

Real life superhero!

A man who dresses up like a super hero and calls himself Phoenix Jones was arrested for assault this week after he used pepper spray on a group of people. Jones, who says he patrols the streets to fight crime while wearing a Batman-like costume, claimed to be breaking up a fight. (Video: ABCNews, KIROTV)

Let's consult Clark…

A video of a biker being run over by antelope went viral this week. The Week's Clark Cahill takes a look at some other animal attacks in the latest segment.

This Wacky world!

The governor of California passed a law which allows illegal immigrants to the state to receive state funding for college. Next thing you know, he'll be putting up billboards to encourage illegal immigration.

Twenty percent of public pools in Shanghai have dangerously high amounts of urine. I'm surprised it's not more. Doesn't everyone pee in public pools?

A woman in Russia realized 12 years after the birth of her daughter that she was given the wrong baby upon leaving the hospital. Whoopsies!

A woman gave birth to a child hours after finishing the Chicago Marathon. You think that's crazy? It's her third time doing it. She's such a pro, she even stopped for a sandwich on the way to the hospital.

THE WEEK Oct 14, 2011

THE WEEK Oct 14, 2011
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THE WEEK Oct 14, 2011
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