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THE WEEK Dec 16: Suspicious skyscraper

Updated: 2011-12-16 18:09
By THE WEEK (chinadaily.com.cn)

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Need a vacation?

Many people spend the weeks before the holidays planning vacation. Often times, people will go a little bit crazy – upgrade a hotel room here, take a few extra days off of work there. But Scott Bennett of the United States went a little bit too far to get his share of vacation time. He faked his mother's death to get time off from work. That's a horribly evil plan. Are there any other, less evil ways he could have managed to cheat his way to vacation?

Acting like an actor

Pretending to be someone you're not is never a good idea. Just ask the popular Chinese television actor Ji Siguang. The Qian Fu actor has enjoyed success while hiding under the spotlight for 13 years. Ji was arrested this week for a 1998 assault on a police officer and the officer's wife. He should have learned his lesson after Wu Gang, AKA (also known as) Liu Hao, who was arrested for a 1198 murder after appearing on a popular dating show last year.

Suspicious skyscraper

A new skyscraper in South Korea is turning heads (attracting attention) for the wrong reasons. The Dutch architectural firm in charge of construction apologized this week, because the design of the tower bears a striking resemblance to the falling World Trade Centers in New York City on 9/11.

Ride that pony

Horses are becoming more popular in China for sport, pleasure and business. The growing interest is not yet large enough to be considered an industry, according to China Daily. But that's a good thing. Before their popularity gets too big, someone should warn newcomers about the dangers that come with riding horses.

Thieves like popcorn, too

Riding horses brings us back to old Western movies, when we saw thieves stealing from moving trains. In Brazil this week, thieves stole 50 metric tons of corn. What can you do with that much stolen corn? They could be working with the person in the US who stole an entire truckload of margarine (a popular replacement for butter). I can smell that bowl of popcorn in Beijing.

This wacky world

A casino in the US purchased a lock of Michael Jackson's hair. Frame it? Put it on display? No. The casino is turning it into a game piece for gambling.

A woman in the US was arrested in Wal-Mart after allegedly mixing chemicals in the store to make illegal drugs. How high do you have to be to do that?

Police are charging a woman with involuntary manslaughter after she illegally injected silicone (substance used for plastic surgery) into a man's penis, which lead to the man's death a day later.

The country of Norway is in crisis. There is a national shortage of butter. Police even arrested a man last week who was trying to smuggle 90 kilograms of butter from Sweden.

THE WEEK Dec 16: Suspicious skyscraper
THE WEEK Dec 16: Suspicious skyscraper
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THE WEEK Dec 16: Suspicious skyscraper
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