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Red Bull sponsors China Beach Volleyball

Updated: 2011-12-26 17:11
By Cong Fagnjun (chinadaily.com.cn)

A joint press conference for China Beach Volleyball and Blooming Heat— sponsored by the Red Bull group, was held in Beijing' s Huabin Theater on December 25. Xu Li, Director of the Volleyball Management Center of the General Administration of Sport, and Yan Bing, board chairman of the Red Bull group gave presentations at the conference. Members of the top group of China Beach Volleyball, Xue Chen, Zhang Xi, Wu Penggen and Xu Linyin all received an embroidered purse from Santa Claus on the occasion.

According to the agreement, the Red Bull group will be the main sponsor of the team. In addition, both sides will cooperate on holding civil beach volleyball campaigns and cultivating elite athletes for the game.

Interviewed at the conference, the leading male and female beach volleyball team — Wu Penggen/Xu Linyin, and Zhang Xi/Xue Chen also showed people how to defend and attack. Lin Dan, the top Chinese badminton player who is sponsored by the Red Bull group also gave a presentation at the conference.

During the press conference, the publicity film Blooming Heat was put on the screen. As the leading figures, Xue Chen and Zhang Xi won the golden prize in the China Open World Beach Volleyball Tour in 2006 when they first formed a team. Then only 17 years old, Xue Chen became the youngest world champion in the history of beach volleyball that year.

Red Bull sponsors China Beach Volleyball