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THE WEEK Sept 7: Questionable Intentions

Updated: 2012-09-07 17:11
By THE WEEK (chinadaily.com.cn)

Worst speech ever?

The race to the presidency in the United States is in full swing. This week, both major political parties held their national conventions, where people scream, dance and freak out like their candidate is this year's biggest pop music sensation. One thing both parties do is invite celebrities to give a speech, and this year, the Republicans chose actor and director Clint Eastwood. But something was weird about Eastwood’s speech. He was talking to a chair where he claimed an invisible Barack Obama was seated. I was worried, actually, that Clint is developing a mental illness.

Teachers being naughty

In just the last few weeks, two high school teachers in the US have been accused of having sexual relationships with their students.

Soldier gets hammered

When a soldier in the US Army was promoted, rather than his superior slapping or punching the new patch on his uniform (which is apparently normal), his superior officer decided to use a huge mallet to put it on. It ended up knocking him down, and now the soldier is filing a lawsuit.

Not so romantic proposal

There's something entertaining about people slightly injuring themselves, but two guys took that idea way too far when it came to their wedding proposal. In Russia this week, a man faked his own death in a car accident, and when his girlfriend arrived on the scene he sprung to life and proposed to her. He said he wanted her to feel what it would be like if he was out of her life forever. That's just cruel. And then there was a guy who pretended to fall to his death off of a building in the middle of his proposal.

This Wacky world!

A strip club in Canada is offering to pay $1,700 in college tuition for any aspiring dancer. But they have to maintain a B+ average.

A group of researchers in Sweden spent the weekend looking a "ghost rocket" they landed in a lake in 1980. It sort of looks like a…cigar?

Latin America's biggest beverage company is being force to pay a former employee $25,000 after a manager forced the employee to watch porn films and a stripper's performance in the office. Talk about a win-win situation.

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