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THE WEEK April 19: You are beautiful

Updated: 2013-04-19 16:17
By THE WEEK (chinadaily.com.cn)

You are beautiful

In light of a number of tragedies that struck this week around the world, we've decided to change up our style a bit. Sometimes you need a purely positive message. Dove brought just that to the Internet this week. Their new campaign sets out to tell you one thing: "You're more beautiful than you think." And the video they released on the Internet was spectacular and quite uplifting.

Actress' humiliating stunt

Aubrey Plaza, one of the stars in NBC's Parks and Recreation, lost at least one fan after pulling a publicity stunt at the MTV Movie Awards. While Will Ferrell was delivering a speech after winning the Comedic Genius award, Plaza walked on stage, attempted to take the award out of Ferrell's hands and then returned to her seat in failure. This behavior, known as "the Kanye" after the hip-hop artist interrupted a Taylor Swift award speech, needs to stop. It's so disrespectful to the award-winning artist, especially when we're comparing Aubrey Plaza to Will Ferrell, who is arguably one of the best male comedians of our time. And Plaza's move was apparently to gain publicity for her new movie; she had the title written in black across her chest. Sit down, Aubrey. And stay down.

Let down by Friends

Rumors began circulating the Internet that the cast of the popular television show Friends will be reuniting to release one more season. Not many shows in the history of television have reached the kind of international popularity that Friends enjoyed, especially in China. But fans of the show when it was on the air have likely finished high school, graduated college and stopped taking English lessons. So for those fans who may want to brush up on your English skills before the show's possible release, we present you with this old gem of a lesson. (Rumors of the show's return have been proven to be false.)

This wacky world!

An American man was arrested after attempting to trade his McDonald's meal to a prostitute for sex. As the Huff Post reports, McDonald's for sex is coming a pretty normal trade.

"Tittooing" is becoming a popular trend in the UK. Women are tattooing their nipples to make them darker, because, as one person who performs the procedure said, "It’s fashionable."

A woman is reportedly suing the Rachael Ray Show for internationally humiliating her. The woman chose to go on the show to document her attempt to lose 70 pounds and was yelled at by an intense fitness trainer. And she thinks she deserves money? I'm constantly shocked at what some people, especially Americans, will do for free money.

THE WEEK April 19: You are beautiful
THE WEEK April 19: You are beautiful
Director: Lin Hanqing and Sun Tianyuan Graphic Design: Zhang Xiao
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THE WEEK April 19: You are beautiful
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