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Jewelry store robbed in Albania on Christmas Eve

Updated: 2013-12-26 09:33
( Xinhua)

TIRANA - Four armed robbers disguised as "Santa Claus" robbed jewelries worth of $410,000 from a store in the suburbs of Tirana, capital of Albania, on Christmas Eve, local media reported Wednesday.

The incident occurred on December 24 at the "Tirana East Gate" shopping center where the robbers, who took the holiday atmosphere by dressing "Santa Clauses" costumes, passed security with two Kalashnikov rifles, according to media reports.

Surveillance video showed that they entered a jewelry store, keeping the store employee on gunpoint, then grasped a large amount of golden necklaces, bracelets and rings and put them into two big bags.

Two minutes late, the four robbers fled the scene to meet with their fellow driver who was waiting in a car at the shopping mall and they escape immediately.

Fortunately, no one got injured during the robbery, but the incident caused widespread panics while the robbers carrying guns rushing out.

The Albanian police came to the scene to investigate into the case. They checked the surveillance video and inquired 14 witnesses.

Local media said a police patrol reported an exchange of fire in the capital area with a gang, which was believed to be the same robbery gang after identified the plate on the Benz vehicle that they had drove.

The gang abandoned and burned the vehicle, and escaped on foot under the cover of darkness.

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