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  • Zimbabwe Special

    2012-09-13 09:49

    With the Southern African Development Community set to become a common market within three years and a monetary union by 2016 - and with the launch of a single currency among the 15 member states by 2018, Zimbabwe is poised to receive great economic benefits in the near future.

  • Congo Special

    2012-07-02 10:31

    Green initiatives, economic openness, and sub-regional development: The President of the Republic of Congo presents what is at stake

  • Peru Special

    2012-05-30 16:27

    Centuries after the famous Inca civilization roamed its majestic mountains, lush jungle and attractive coast, the Republic of Peru is making history of a different kind through record foreign direct investment - including $3 billion from China - thanks to its booming economy and vast natural and human resources.

  • Angola

    2012-03-27 16:43

    Angola has become a shining example of how a country can transform itself. From 2002 to 2010, it boasted an annual GDP growth rate of 11 percent, the highest in the world. Its growth has brought improvements to living standards as well as greater investments in infrastructure and interest from international investors.

  • Mozambique Special

    2011-11-18 10:08

    Brimming with resources that include minerals, fossil fuels, abundant water, marine life and fertile, arable land, Mozambique offers huge possibilities for treasure seekers. A strikingly beautiful tropical country on the south east coast of Africa, the country is one of the most sparsely populated on the continent, with just 23.4 million people.

  • Malaysia Special

    2011-09-23 16:48

    China has been Malaysia's largest trading partner for the last two years, with commercial ties buoyed by the burgeoning Chinese economy and a deepening bilateral relationship.


  • South Africa Special

    2011-09-15 17:32

    When the sun rises over Durban's Indian Ocean coastline in November, the world's eyes will be firmly centered on the city as the world gathers for the 17th United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

  • Brazil Special

    2011-09-15 09:30

    Although China and Brazil share a relationship dating back more than 200 years, even a casual observer would know there was a significant gap in the late 20th century.

  • Switzerland Special

    2011-07-05 07:54

    Switzerland, while being a small, fiercely independent, neutral country, is often known for being picturesque, quiet, and unassuming. But it is not all that it seems at first glance - it is, in fact, much more.

  • The Philippines Special

    2011-08-03 15:35

    A stable economy that has weathered the economic crisis well - gross domestic product grew by a staggering 7.3 percent last year - the Philippines is a country of immense promise.

  • EUCSS Special

    2011-07-08 14:57

    With the closing ceremony and information dissemination workshop on July 5, the EU-China Social Security Project (EUCSS) is about to wrap up all its activities before the end of July this year.

  • Portugal Special

    2011-06-29 17:22

    With a relatively small population, the most innovative companies have internationalization as their watchword.  Andr de Quiroga, the dynamic director of PGQ, said: "China and Portugal can keep benefiting each other in all areas of industrial activity."