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  • Ghana Special

    2011-06-10 11:11

    One of Africa's most economically, politically and socially stable countries, Ghana is utilizing its strategic location and vast natural resources to drive impressive socioeconomic development in partnership with major international investors.

  • Zambia Special

    2011-05-24 09:18

    Economic diversification a priority for Zambia, as it strives to limit its dependence on copper.A tropical, landlocked country in southern Africa, Zambia's vast mineral, precious metal, water and land resources make it one of the most successful economies on the continent.

  • Seychelles Special

    2011-03-28 11:21

    A beautiful group of islands in the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles has undergone a series of IMF-supported structural reforms since 2008 that have transformed the economy and contributed to a stable landscape, where citizens enjoy a high per capita income, as well as good health care and education, and a place tourists return to year after year in their thousands to enjoy pristine beaches and excellent accommodations.

  • Nigeria Special

    2011-03-23 09:18

    As Nigeria's powerhouse, the city of Lagos is home to 85 percent of the state population and is the country's financial, commercial and industrial nerve center, with more than 2,000 manufacturing industries and more than 200 financial institutions, including the Nigeria Stock Exchange, based there.

  • Sudan Special

    2010-10-29 16:05

    Bordered by nine countries and with a coastline on one of the world's busiest shipping lanes, Sudan is making solid socioeconomic progress.

  • Ghana Special

    2010-10-26 09:56

    Celebrating 50 years of diplomatic relations with China, the former British colony has been granted a $30 billion development package from the Asian nation to help build vital infrastructure that will, amongst other things, maximize its potential as an energy producer.

  • Eritrea Special

    2010-10-18 09:57

    Blessed with large deposits of precious minerals such as gold, silver, copper and zinc, Eritrea offers foreign investors a wealth of opportunities.

  • Mauritius Special

    2010-10-13 11:24

    With breathtaking scenery, an array of precious wildlife and a diverse range of activities such as fishing, waterskiing, hiking, golf, and sailing, Mauritius is a major tourism destination and a growing magnet for Chinese tourists who prefer activity holidays to simply laying on a sandy beach.

  • Kenya Special

    2010-09-21 15:26

    Kenya's long-term development blueprint to create a globally competitive and prosperous country with a high quality of life within two decades, Vision 2030 will be the anchor by which bilateral relations between Kenya and China continue to develop.

  • Mongolia Special

    2010-09-13 15:49

    In the interest of its massive mining industry, Mongolia is doing everything in its power to improve its relationship with China.

  • Barcelona Special

    2010-09-02 15:59

    As home to some of the most breathtaking creations by Catalan architect Antoni Gaud - along with a temperate climate and cosmopolitan vibe - it is easy to see why Barcelona is such a draw for visitors.

  • Kenya Vision 2030

    2010-05-05 17:00

    As a major producer of agricultural and industrial goods, Kenya boasts one of Africa's leading export-oriented economies and enjoys excellent trade relations with many foreign countries, particularly China.