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Taiwan demands apology from Philippines

Updated: 2013-05-10 17:26
( Xinhua)

TAIPEI - Taiwan's leader Ma Ying-jeou on Friday demanded an apology and compensation from the Philippines after a Taiwan fisherman was shot and killed by the Philippine Coast Guard.

Ma urged the Philippines to investigate the incident and arrest those responsible.

The incident occurred Thursday morning in a sea area 160 nautical miles southeast of the southernmost tip of the island of Taiwan, according to Taiwan's coast guard authority.

The victim was identified as Hung Shih-Cheng, 65, one of four crew members of the Taiwan fishing vessel Guang Ta Hsin 28.

Taiwan's coast guard authority confirmed that a Philippine vessel that had coast guard officers aboard fired shots at the fishing vessel. The authority has sent ships to aid the Guang Ta Hsin 28, which will return to Taiwan Friday night or Saturday morning.

David Lin, the island's chief official in charge of foreign exchange, condemned the shooting and urged the Philippines to open a full investigation, adding that the Philippine side should take full responsibility for the incident.

Antonio Basilio, representative of the Philippines in Taipei, on Friday conveyed an apology and condolences to Hung's family and said the Philippine government will continue to investigate the case.

The Philippine Coast Guard on Friday admitted killing the Taiwan fisherman but said its personnel opened fire on the fishing boat in self-defense.

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