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China to widen studies of the Arctic

Updated: 2013-06-05 21:47
By Wang Zhenghua (

China is to expand studies of the Arctic as part of its resources, shipping and economic cooperation with countries in the Arctic region.

The move comes after China was granted permanent observer status by the Arctic Council in May. The council is a body for international legislation on the Arctic region and has become increasingly influential, as the region has gained importance on the international agenda.

The Polar Research Institute of China plans to set up the China-Nordic Arctic Research Center in Shanghai to increase awareness and knowledge of the Arctic and promote cooperation for sustainable development of the Nordic Arctic area.

To be launched in partnership with a number of research institutes in the Nordic region as soon as next year, the research program will also include studies on Arctic climate change and its impact, as well as policymaking and legislation related to the polar area.

The program has been endorsed by the State Oceanic Administration.

Yang Huigen, head of the Polar Research Institute of China, said, “The Arctic is a region where quite a few countries are engaged in frequent economic activities.”

Yang was speaking exclusively to China Daily in Shanghai on Wednesday on the sidelines of the first symposium on Arctic research and cooperation between China and Nordic countries.

"Studies on social science and economic behavior in the region will help to better understand climate change in the Arctic," he said.