Run Run Shaw's 'secret' to a full and fit life

By Cao Yin ( ) Updated: 2014-01-07 14:58:31

Hong Kong media mogul Run Run Shaw died at home on Tuesday morning, aged 107, but his "secret" for longevity is spreading online, according to the People's Daily website.

Shaw shared his insights on achieving a long life and one of his daily habits was to rotate his feet 64 times before went to bed, the website said.

Hard work was important, as it kept body and mind active but resting properly was also essential. He slept for five hours every night, and for one hour at noon, the website said.

Humor also played a role and comedies, especially those involving the antics of a certain Mr Bean, lightened his mood, according to the website.

In middle age Shaw started paying attention to the benefits that came from physical exercise, the website said.

He never gambled or drank alcohol, spent an hour every day reading newspapers and had a holiday every year, according to the website.

His diet was balanced, and he took protein and vitamin supplements with every meal.

Over the years he is estimated to have given away billions of HK dollars to charities, schools and hospitals, the website added.

Shaw, originally named Shao Renleng, was honorary president of Hong Kong Television Broadcast Ltd (TVB) and founder of Shaw Brothers (Hong Kong) Ltd.

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