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Prose chronicles political changes

Updated: 2012-06-12 09:58
By Xu Jingxi ( China Daily)

Walking Through the Land of War, published by Marco Polo Press in 2002

Some areas in the world appear to be in constant unrest and wars. In this book, Susanna Cheung Chui-yung tries to find out the reasons behind the conflicts in areas, such as Afghanistan, the Balkan Peninsula, Cambodia and East Timor. With this book, Cheung hopes to arouse the public's attention to these "marginalized" areas.

An Accidental Traveler, published by Marco Polo Press in 2005

Three years after her first book, Walking Through the Land of War, Cheung revisited the unstable countries and regions, and shares her new discoveries in her second book. This book includes more of Cheung's self-reflections on her hometown of Hong Kong after drawing lessons from these war-torn areas.

Prose chronicles political changes

On the Scene in the Middle East, published by Marco Polo Press in Hong Kong in 2006, published by Guangxi Normal University Press for the Chinese mainland edition in 2012

This book unveils the lives of common people living during the wars in Iraq, conflicts between Israel and Palestine as well as unrest in Syria and Lebanon.

Readers can also feel the heat of last year's "Arab Spring", which brought an end to the rule of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, in the book's 2012 edition.

The book also introduces Arabic arts to readers to increase their understanding of the area. It also explains the history and development of the US' Middle East policies.

Prose chronicles political changes

The Path to the Truth in Latin America, published by Marco Polo Press in Hong Kong in 2009, mainland edition of Latin Scene published by Law Press in 2010

"21st-century socialism" has swept across Latin America since 2005. Cheung explores nine countries on the continent fueled by revolutions to analyze the causes and development of the changes.

In 2009, the book made it to the top 10 list of Asia Weekly.

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