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Cultural Tip: Chopsticks

Updated: 2012-08-02 10:39
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Cultural Tip: Chopsticks




Chinese chopsticks have greatly contributed towards human civilization. Nobel prize winner Mr. Lee Tsung-dao once said while commenting on China as a great nation: "As early as the Warring States period Chinese invented chopsticks. Although simple, the two sticks perfectly use the physics of leverage. Chopsticks are an extension of human fingers. Whatever fingers can do, chopsticks can do, too. Moreover, their great talent is not even affected by high temperatures or freezing cold. In comparision, it was probably not until the 16th or 17th century that the knife and fork were invented. But how can the knife and fork compare with chopsticks?" According to research by Japanese scholars, people use more than 80 joints and 50 muscles to eat food with chopsticks. Therefore, using chopsticks can exercise the brain! Foreigners are often surprised at how Chinese can use the stick-like ustensils so skillfully. Many even feel proud of their being able to use them to eat.

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