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Taibai Duck

Updated: 2012-08-03 09:10

Taibai Duck

Taibai Duck


It is said that duck has association with the great poet Li Bai (also Li Taibai), who lived in the Tang Dynasty (618--907). He lived in Sichuan Province for almost twenty years and became infatuated with a local steamed duck. Later he was summoned to the capital for royal service by the emperor. Having found not to be politically promising, the poet found a way of getting close to the emperor by presenting a carefully cooked steamed duck, which delighted the emperor very much. The emperor said: ”This unique dish is worthy of a unique name, let’s call it Taibai Duck. ” From then on, Taibai Duck has been passed down from generation to generation and become a famous one in Sichuan cuisine. It features tenderness, white colour, good taste, fresh soup, and nutrition.


1 processed duck 1.5kg, Chinese wolfberry 25g, pseudo-ginseng slices 15g, lean pork 100g, Shaoxing rice wine 200g, scallion stalk 1 piece(50g), ginger slices 5g, salt 5g, pepper 1g, some fresh soup.


1、Scald processed duck in boiling water to get rid of remaining blood. Remove feet and drain off water. Rub the duck inside out with Shaoxing rice wine, salt and pepper, then put in a container. Add scallion, ginger, Shaoxing rice wine , some fresh soup, pork, Chinese wolfberry pseudo-ginseng slices and cover the container with kraft paper.

2、Put the duck in steamer. Steam 3 hours with high heat until well-done. Lift off the cover, remove scallion stalk and ginger slices. Put duck and soup in a soup bowl.

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