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All you can eat Yummy Sashimi

Updated: 2012-09-03 14:08
By Li Xinzhu ( China Daily)

All you can eat Yummy Sashimi

We all love sashimi, but sometimes the cost can get to be pretty pricey. That's why the all-you-can-eat Japanese buffets are so popular in Shanghai. But it's hard to find that optimum venue where you can get quality as well as quantity. At Maguro, the sashimi lovers can come as close to paradise as they can get. Here, the sashimi slices are unbelievably thick and juicy, and there is a very decent selection of white tuna, arctic surf clams and giant scallops. You can choose from two buffets available at Maguro, with the lower-priced buffet limiting customers to one portion each of urchin roe and coon-striped shrimps. - Li Xinzhu

4/F, Baike Garden, 321 Xianxia Lu, Changning district. 021-3207-0357

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