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Famous teddy bear dolls

Updated: 2012-09-07 14:11
( China Daily)

Hong Kong writer Xi Xi has produced some of the cutest teddy bear dolls, dressed in ancient Chinese clothes of various dynasties. Some of the dolls represent famous figures in Chinese history and literature such as the monk Xuanzang and Xi Shi, one of the four beauties of ancient China.

The handmade toys are on display at Fangsuo Commune in Guangzhou until Sept 14.

Xi Xi says she chooses the characters based on qualities such as righteousness, bravery and kind-heartedness. Apart from choosing the garments, she also chooses carefully details such as accessories to go with the costumes.

Xi Xi started learning how to hand make the dolls in 2005 as physiotherapy for her right hand, whose nerves were damaged because of cancer treatment. In recent years, she has also started making dolls, which resemble monkeys.

"I chose to make animal dolls because I want to arouse the public's awareness of protecting animals and nature," she explains.

10 am-10 pm, until Sept 14. Fangsuo Commune, TaiKoo Hui shopping mall, 383 Tianhelu, Tianhe district, Guangzhou. 020-3868-2327.

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