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Mitchell's works

Updated: 2012-09-11 10:18
( China Daily)


Published in 1999, it's David Mitchell's first novel. Written in different episodes, each tells a story and features different characters. From a cult group planning a terrorist attack on the Tokyo subway, to art thieves plotting against the treasures in Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, the stories take readers from East Asia, to Europe, and all the way to the United States.

Cloud Atlas

The novel published in 2004 consists of six connected stories that take readers from the 19th century to the post-apocalyptic future. Each story is revealed to be a journal/art work/record that is found or watched by the main character in the next story. The ambitious work revolves around such themes as reincarnation, redemption, karma, and so on.

Black Swan Green

This novel is semi-autobiographical and published in 2006. It tells of a 13-year-old boy's growth into adulthood. The author tells the story through the point of view of the leading role and uses a lot of teen slang and references from the popular culture of 1980s' England. The hero suffers from the speech disorder of stammering, like Mitchell when he was a teenager.

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