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Ancient building to be repaired

Updated: 2013-03-21 14:09
By Jin Haixing (

A project was launched on Wednesday to preserve and repair an ancient building in Beijing. At the same time a market at the site will be closed for two months, authorities said.

The Former National Institute of Mongolia and Tibet Site, which consists of 2,850 square meters, was listed as one of the key national cultural relic preservation units in 2006.

A market has been established there since 1988 and the site is now surrounded by many temporary buildings. Many small businesses operate inside the building.

The Mirror Evening News reported that, from Wednesday, the small businesses have been asked to leave the market, which will be closed on May 19.

Small businesses owners will get some compensation from the government, the report said.

From May 30, repair work will start on the ancient building.


Ancient building to be repaired

Ancient building to be repaired

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