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HK exhibit to show different side of Bruce Lee

Updated: 2013-06-28 09:59

HK exhibit to show different side of Bruce Lee


A large exhibit dedicated to kung fu master Bruce Lee will open at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum on July 20, the 40th anniversary of Lee's death, according to Hong Kong-based newspaper Ming Pao.

The exhibit titled "Bruce Lee: Kung Fu ‧ Art ‧ Life" is organized by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD), and gathers more than 600 precious relics and memorabilia, 400 of which are from the Bruce Lee Foundation. It is the largest number of artifacts the foundation has ever lent out.

The manuscript of a poem Lee wrote and the glasses he wore for short-sightedness will present a different side of the kung fu icon.

HK exhibit to show different side of Bruce Lee

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In addition, the Hong Kong Film Archive has provided more than 100 items from its collection for display, including Lee's yellow jump suit and nunchucks.

Through these collections, the exhibition will be able to review the life story of the legendary Bruce Lee, from the perspectives of his profile, his movies, his martial arts and his development as a cultural phenomenon, said the Hong Kong Heritage Museum.

A 3.5-meter high statue of Bruce Lee in action, standing on one leg and kicking with the other, will be shown in the main hall.

The Federation of Hong Kong Filmmakers has produced a 75-minute documentary called "The Brilliant Life of Bruce Lee," together with a 3D hologram made by animation artist Shannon Ma, also to be shown during the exhibition.

The show will run for five years and the theme will shift periodically, the museum said, adding that Lee's daughter will come to Hong Kong ahead of the opening ceremony.

Tickets will cost 10 yuan, but the exhibit will be free of charge every Wednesday.

Director of the LCSD Betty Fung estimated that the exhibit will attract around 102,000 visitors in the first two months, possibly reaching 2.5 million over five years.

HK exhibit to show different side of Bruce Lee

HK exhibit to show different side of Bruce Lee

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