Oldest Kang Xi Dictionary on display in Shanxi


The first exhibit of a private antique art collection opened in Shanxi on May 28, at the Royal Residence of the Premier in Jincheng.

Datong Lantern Festival coming soon


Preparations for the 2014 Datong Lantern Festival are set to start, on Jan 3, in Datong county, Shanxi province

Chang Family Courtyard


This grand courtyard, in the village of Chewang, Dongyang county, 17 kilometers to the southwest of Yuci, Shanxi, underwent 200 years of construction.

Li Family Courtyard


This grand courtyard was built in the reign of the Daoguang emperor of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) and was the private residence of a wealthy merchant of Shanxi.

Courtyard of Family Zhang in Guxian county, Shanxi


Located in Shibi vilage, Guxian county, North China's Shanxi province, the Courtyard of Family Zhang was built in late Ming and early Qing dynasties.

Street scenes


Pingyao, a UNESCO World Heritage site, attracts tens of thousands of tourists every year who come to see its well-preserved old quarters, which boast a history spanning more than 2,700 years.

Legendary lure


Having lived in my hometown Taiyuan, the provincial capital of Shanxi, for more than 20 years, I thought I knew Changzhi - a southeastern county within the same province.

Versatile voice


Chinese folk song singer Tan Jing is perhaps the first person to sing while giving a speech at the United Nations headquarters in New York.

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