Mansion of the Cao Family


Mansion of the Cao Family, also known as Sanduotang Museum, is located in the northeastern corner of Beihuang village five kilometers to the southwest of Taigu county seat, Shanxi province.

Courtyard of Kung Hsianghsi


Courtyard of Kung Hsianghsi, located in the campus of Taigu Normal School to the west of Wubian Temple of Taigu county, is the largest well preserved courtyard in the county with architectural styles of mid Qing Dynasty.

Chang Family Courtyard


This grand courtyard, in the village of Chewang, Dongyang county, 17 kilometers to the southwest of Yuci, Shanxi, underwent 200 years of construction.

Li Family Courtyard


This grand courtyard was built in the reign of the Daoguang emperor of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) and was the private residence of a wealthy merchant of Shanxi.

Exquisite sculpture works at the Jinci Temple


The group of sculptures from the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127 AD), at the Jinci Temple's Shengmu Dian (Hall of the saint mother), in Shanxi province, is one of the temple's best offerings.

The Wudang Mountains 1


The Wudang Mountains, also known as Wu Tang Shan or simply Wudang, are a small mountain range in China's Hubei Province. In years past, the mountains were known for the many Taoist monasteries found there.

Pingyao city, a paradise for world's photographers


An old man with a leather apron is riding a bike, on the back of which stand two poles. From each pole hangs a bag full of trash.

Modern industry, ancient culture


The turbulence of history has left very few ancient Chinese mansions intact, and the passage of years makes it even harder to preserve their typically wooden structure.

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