Brick Carving of Qingxu county


The Brick Carving of Qingxu county, Shanxi province, was selected as a National Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2008,

Shadow puppetry: Revitalising ancient arts


Shadow puppetry: Revitalising ancient arts

Wei Tai Hou


As the private banks mushroomed 40 years after Rishengchang's appearence in Shanxi, among them were five ally banks, generally named Wei associates, established by Hou Yinchang, a merchant from Shanxi. They were almost as influencial as Rishengchang. Weitaihou was one of the five Wei associates.

Ancient Bank-Zhi Cheng Xin


Zhichengxin was a bank in Shanxi. Although it could not be compared to Rishengchang, or Wei associates in terms of capital and scale of operation, yet the small bank made an impressive impact when a French troop's invision caused a serious panic in capital market.

Tian Cheng Heng


Tianchengheng was also one of the five Wei associates. In 1862, the rebellion of Taiping army in southern China had not yet been put down,Shanxi and Ningxia were also cut up in the war, northwest China was in chaos. Tianchengheng's business was mainly in northwest China.

Qu Benqiao- Founder of Baichuantong


Qu Benqiao was the 18th generation of descendants of Qu's family, he was gifted and intelligent, and was lauded as a child prodigy for his childhood. In 1892, Qu was a sucessful candidate in the highest imperial civil service examination and started his official career.

Qiao Zhiyong-Founder of Dadetong Bank


Master of Qiao's compound in Qi county, Shanxi province. He has taken his family business as a young man, due to his extrodinary talent, his family business has flourished day by day ever since.Qiao family soon became the largest and richest in Shanxi.

Lei Lvtai- Founder of the first bank


Lei was born in a merchant family in Pingyao, when he was young, his family fell on hard times, he worked in various shops as a apprentice, Then he joined Xi Yu Cheng,a money shop, and was appriciated by Li (shop owner) who appointed him as the shopkeeper of the Beijing branch.

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