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Tianjin Port contributes to Belt and Road Initiative
| Updated: 2017-11-22 09:33:54 | (chinadaily.com.cn) |

Tianjin Port's sixth shipping route for foreign container vessels, which is its third serving the Belt and Road Initiative was put into operation on Nov 17.

The new line from China to the Persian Gulf was jointly launched by the five shipment giants ZIM, T.S. Lines, KMTC, RCL and SM Line.

It starts from Tianjin Port and runs to the Persian Gulf region by way of some major ports such as Colombo in Sri Lanka, Karachi in Pakistan, and Jebel Ali in Dubai; six 6500TEU container ships will be in operation on the route.

Tianjin Port is an important land-ocean intersection for the countries and regions involved in the Belt and Road Initiative. The establishment of the new route will accelerate Tianjin's becoming an international shipping center in North China.

Tianjin Port Group, which is in charge of the construction and operation of Tianjin Port, currently has more than 120 shipping routes for container vessels extending to major domestic ports around the world.

The company has also taken up the opportunities brought by some major initiatives of China, the coordinated development of Beijing-Tinajin-Hebei Region, the Xiongan New Area and the Tianjin Pilot Free Trade Zone to develop its logistics network in China in support of its international businesses.

To date, it has built 25 land ports in inland areas and several marketing centers in nine major regions in North China and launched more than 10 seaway-railway lines. Together they constitute a two-way land-sea logistic network advancing the Port's qualifications as an international container hub.


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