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Misdeed of a hotheaded student

(China Daily) Updated: 2014-11-24 09:06

A student threw hot water on a teacher at East China University of Political Science and Law in Shanghai recently when he criticized her for missing a class, reflecting the rampant lack of reason in society, says an article in Procuratorial Daily. Excerpts:

Does a teacher have the right to criticize a student for missing a class? Opinions differ. But the female student chose a violent way of answering the question, and left the teacher scalded despite receiving immediate treatment.

The student not only crossed the unwritten moral code but also broke the law by throwing hot water on her teacher. According to reports, she said she was infuriated because the teacher openly said that he doubted whether she would pass the postgraduate examination.

She might have enough reason to be angry with the teacher and could have reported him to the disciplinary committee for justice, but she had no right to attack him, let alone throw hot water on his face.

The incident, along with several others, reflects the lack of reason among today's youths. When people feel mistreated, they seek revenge instead of seeking justice; when they differ with somebody on an issue, they yell instead of debating. Such an attitude can be attributed to the lack of rule of law over the past decades, which made people feel they won't get justice through lawful procedures.

Hopefully, the ongoing drive to promote the rule of law will change the situation and help people become true citizens.

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