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Civil servant is to serve public, not to make a fortune

By Li Yang (Chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2014-12-04 10:20

The cooling down of the government enrollment exam reflects the changes of the social mentality to the civil servant’s job. This is the beginning for civil service to return to its normal and rational state. Serving the people is the main responsibility of the job, rather than making a fortune or enjoying privileges, says an article in the Changsha Evening News. Excerpts:

Only one out of 64 of the exam takers of this year’s national government enrollment exam can finally get a seat in a government office. The chance was twice as small in previous years.

This year’s competition is the coldest in recent years. This is a positive change for the country. Most young graduates are not taught to be civil servants, but engineers, doctors, lawyers, scientists, bankers, teachers, artists and so forth. They have more chances to put their knowledge into practice and make their unique contribution to the country in these professions.

It is abnormal that most college graduates regard civil service as their dream job. But it has been so indeed in China for many years, because working for the government is not only a reliable job with ideal welfare and bonuses, but also an identity that enjoys privileges, as well as chances to seek illegal profit from power.

Most of the young people feel angry about corruption in government. Ironically, they still look forward to working in the government.

The turning point is the government’s anti-corruption campaign that started two years ago. This is not a makeshift movement to win people’s support for a new government, but the start to build an institutional anti-graft system to regulate and supervise civil servants to exercise good governance.

Civil servants will have more work today, in a more transparent environment under security and the supervision of various parties. Their privileges also will come to an end soon. Working as a civil servant is by no means a way to make a fortune from power, but to serve the public and the country.

If it is so, the government enrollment exam will continue to cool down in the future.

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