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Models outshine cars

(China Daily) Updated: 2014-12-05 09:15

Administrative departments must take measures to cleanse automobile promotions of vulgar contents. Such events must promote automobiles, not half-naked models, says an article on guancha.gmw.cn. Excerpts:

Some models promoting automobiles at the Guangzhou International Auto Show were so skimpily dressed that the event looked more like a "flesh show". Such blatant exposure can have a negative impact on children who visit automobile shows with their parents.

What is more worrying is that such vulgar shows are very popular among automakers, the media and the model industry. It seems that the skimpily clad models, and not the vehicles, are on show, because they grab most attention of the photographers and visitors.

An automobile show is an event where potential buyers can get a lot of valuable information, such as new technology, new energy, new designs, new concepts and new materials. If an auto show becomes a semi-pornographic event, it will be a waste of public resources and a threat to moral ethics. It could even harm automakers' reputation.

Many high-quality auto shows are held in Germany, the United States, Japan and some other countries. The quality of an auto show reflects the level of the host country's auto culture, technology and social norms. So, China should not allow its auto shows to turn into an event to promote scantily dressed models.

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