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Will China's Spring Festival travel rush continue?

( bbs.chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2015-02-10 08:29

Editor's Note: Every year China's transportation system handles billions of trips during the Spring Festival rush. Is it possible that the world largest human's migration will come to an end some day? Our forum readers share their opinions and you are welcome to add yours.

Joanne (China)

If Chinese authorities don't close the regional gap between eastern and western areas, as well as the income gap between urban areas and rural areas, the "chunyun" will continue. If migrant workers can find jobs with handsome payments in their hometowns, why would they migrate to other places? If people from the second or third tier cities can enjoy the same medical and educational resources, why would they flock to the first tier cities like Beijing or Shanghai?

Will China's Spring Festival travel rush continue?

Migrant workers get off the train at the Bozhou Railway Station, East China's Anhui province, Jan 18, 2014. Chunyun, the 40-day travel rush period around the Chinese New Year started on Feb 4, 2015. About 70 percent of passengers on the train are migrant workers. [Photo/CFP]

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