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Harvard values talent in youth appointment

(China Daily) Updated: 2015-09-23 08:24

Yin Xi, a graduate from the School of the Gifted Young, University of Science And Technology of China, has become the youngest Chinese professor at Harvard University. He is 31. He has been receiving a lot of public praise and admiration. Comments:

Yin's experience and success will become a reference, and the School of the Gifted Young and what Yin has achieved at a young age are proof that wise families and schools provide guidance and teaching for students in accordance with their aptitude, which eventually brings out the best in them.

Beijing News, Sept 21

The success of Yin and other young Chinese professors who have joined globally famous universities proves that the country has done good work in elementary education and talent cultivation. However, it should be noted that the Chinese scientists were especially promoted as professors at Harvard even though they were in their early 30s. Only in an environment that values academic excellence, as opposed to family background and wealth, can promotion be fair and free, and young talents blossom. In this respect, the practice of Harvard University is a worthy lesson.

Cnhubei.com, Sept 19

The growing-up of Yin is indeed encouraging. But it cannot be easily copied because child prodigies created to fit into utilitarian education systems lack vitality. There are at least 280,000 such precocious children in China, yet most of them may not grow up to be a genius. Therefore, education should suit student's practical needs. Students should not be forced to adapt to ways that in the end may prove harmful.

Jinan Times, Sept 20

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