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Is teaching a job or passion?

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2016-04-02 08:40

Editor's note: Many people view teaching as "a job that could provide a steady income with long winter and summer holidays". Is teaching more to you than just a "job"? Share your story if you have teaching experience in China.

TedM (UK)

In most developed countries, teaching is a profession. Unfortunately, in many parts of this country it is still regarded as just a job. One of my lectures is about developing a teaching profession. There are many inexperienced and unqualified foreigners who can get such "job" here in China. Those who are professionals can often be disillusioned while working in some Chinese schools where methods are so outdated and ineffective, where there is little forward planning, no initiative and a reluctance to change or do anything different. These are the teachers who want to improve education here and work hard to achieve this despite the low pay and sometimes poor conditions and resources. A successful teacher is a passionate teacher who behaves in a professional manner, whether Chinese or foreign.

Is teaching a job or passion?

Sean McNally from Britain teaches Chinese children how to learn English through paintings. Many students in China have trouble learning English and using it in their daily lives. [Photo/China Daily]

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