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Safety tips for women traveling alone

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2016-04-11 09:50

Editor's note: A shocking video of an incident showing a woman being reportedly attacked by a man in a hotel in Beijing has gone viral last week and unleashed a furious debate over violence against women, the role of bystanders and how woman can or should stay safe. China Daily readers share with us their opinions. 


The best defense is a good offense. Learn to fight back. Not with just your hands, because those are the first things an attacker goes for, in order to immobilize his victims. Learn how to break a wrist-grasp and attack with your elbows and legs. Your legs have the longest and strongest muscles in your body. Learn to use them to your advantage. Sign up for Taekwondo classes, or other forms of self-defense. For those who say, "I have no money", or, "It's too difficult", ask yourself ... "What is my body ... my dignity ... worth to me?" Which is more important? That new fake Gucci bag you just saw and want to purchase, or your own personal safety?

Safety tips for women traveling alone

A video showing a woman reportedly being attacked in a hallway of a Beijing hotel has gone viral. Although a number of people were present at the scene, including a hotel employee, no one apparently stepped in to stop the violence. [Photo/IC]

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