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Do student evaluations measure teaching effectiveness?

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2016-04-30 08:38

Editor's note: China has long used student evaluations of teachers for many different reasons, including employment evaluations, student satisfaction and quality control. Is it fair to rate teachers ? Do these evaluations have any educational value? China Daily readers share their opinions.

TedM (US)

All constructive assessment is of value. All professions require annual appraisals. One part of this is often to get the "customers" feedback. Such comments are a small part of the appraisal but nonetheless need careful structuring to avoid misunderstandings or false evidence. Were lessons appropriate, clear and interesting? Is the teacher helpful? I personally feel that whether a student or parent likes a teacher or not is irrelevant, but I understand that this is an important issue in China.

Do student evaluations measure teaching effectiveness?

Students give their teachers handmade certificates of merit to express their gratitude on Thursday, Teachers' Day, at a primary school in Handan, Hebei province. [Photo/China Daily]

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