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Some officials seek attention at any cost

(China Daily) Updated: 2016-07-12 09:07

Some officials seek attention at any cost

A man transport his grandchildren through a flooded alley with a raft in Wuchang, Central China's Hubei province, July 23, 1998. Residents in Wuchang, part of the Yangtze River metropolis of Wuhan, have been struggling to mop up after three days of floods inundated their homes. [Photo/VCG]

ZHOU JULONG, Party chief of Zongyang county, East China's Anhui province, received a severe warning because he disobeyed an order not to use a main road when leading a flood control team. The Beijing Times commented on Monday:

Although Zhou and the rescuers eventually arrived at the place they were supposed to be, his detour along the main road could have jeopardized their mission.

The reason why Zhou took the detour along the main road when explicitly ordered not to was because he wanted to show off in front of the local villagers. He was actually motivated by his desire for promotion, for which he put other people's lives at risk.

Although such officials are not in the majority, in reality there are indeed some officials who seek recognition at any cost.

But while the behavior of an official during an emergency may be in the spotlight, it is their performance day in and day out that should determine their career trajectory. If an official works well and fulfills his or her duties well, promotion should come naturally.

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