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Should campus loans be curbed?

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2016-06-30 10:59

Editor's note: Despite the high interest rates, a growing number of Chinese university students are turning to internet finance platforms to get loans. Once they fail to pay what they owe on time, they are often threatened to have their personal information exposed; in some cases, their nude photos published online. Should campus loans be banned? Forum readers share their opinions.

BlondeAmber (UK)

I know few Chinese university students who don't rely on their families for money for day to day expenses. Learning about budgeting and financial management is not rocket science and essential for all adults. Anyone stupid enough to go to such loan sharks on such terms is incredibly naive. Or is 'face ' and being seen to spend money more important than learning some financial responsibility?

Should campus loans be curbed?

Zhang Yejia, a model at the 11th Chinajoy, an expo for digital products, takes a selfie in Shanghai, July 27, 2013. Zhang, a student at Shanghai Maritime University, works part time as a show model. [Photo/Icpress.cn]

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