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Online finance good news for everyone

[2014-02-25 15:34]

A poorly efficient banking sector is no doubt detrimental to proper distribution of financial resources and affects the health of the economy as a whole.

Dongguan: “Sin City” and economic restructuring

[2014-02-11 17:36]

Despite its global status as a major hub for electronic manufacturing, Dongguan, a third-tier southern city, would still be unknown for many if not for the recent crackdown on the illegal sex trade in the city.

Caution benefits economy in 2014

[2014-02-11 09:04]

China’s economy has been surging for nearly 30 years, but now it’s time to slow down and fix potential problems before they explode.

Real estate a real problem

[2014-01-06 12:16]

China’s real estate sector is now moving like a runaway train — and it will be equally dangerous to either stop it or let it go unchecked.

Questions to think 'out of the box'

[2012-08-27 08:55]

It is an interesting reading about a person and a style that created one of the most spectacular companies in the last century: Apple.

Structural changes in Chinese meat chains

[2012-06-29 14:44]

I think the most interesting investments for Chinese companies would be in origination and not in land, which requires higher volume of resources and faces restrictions.

Effects of exchange rates in food trade

[2012-05-24 19:38]

The objective of this analysis is to share with readers the possible impacts of exchange rates movements in food and agribusiness international trade.

More about sustainable supply chains

[2012-05-04 09:09]

How we can contribute to feeding 9 billion people in a sustainable way: Vision 2020.

Sustainable supply chain initiatives

[2012-04-20 17:28]

This article was written to share with China Daily readers my impression studying the document of McDonalds called "Best of Sustainable Supply 2012".

Scenario planning for food chains

[2012-03-01 15:58]

It may be useful to exercise how will, for instance, the coffee chain, sugar chain, poultry chain look like in 2022 and how a company operating in this particular food chain can better position itself.

Removing fungicide from the orange juice agenda

[2012-01-31 11:04]

Unnecessarily orange juice went to media all over the world and mostly in the USA, receiving headlines that is was contaminated with fungicides.

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