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IMF head should look to future, not past

[2011-06-03 11:34]

The main direction of lobbying for the IMF's new managing director is unfortunately showing the weak side of that organization, not its strong one.

US social safety net in peril

[2011-06-10 12:47]

There are some scary words being said back home about my country's economy. According to just about every Republican I can think of, my country is "broke."

More flexible RMB will help China

[2011-05-20 13:37]

Many Americans are blaming America's deficits on China's RMB exchange rate policy. In their view, China's unfair trade and exchange rate policy is also destroying the US economy in some other ways, such as bringing higher unemployment rates.

Inflation and consumption

[2011-05-18 11:20]

Inflation is the most immediate problem facing China's economy. The author is a great admirer of China's economic policy. But overall correct policy naturally does not mean that every individual issue is tackled correctly.

China steps away from export-led growth

[2011-04-11 15:41]

According to statistics released by the General Administration of Customs on 10 April, China's quarterly trade balance turned red from January to March this year, the country's first quarterly trade deficit in six years. This is a signal that China is trying to step away from an export-led economic growth model.

'Real victims' of global imbalances

[2011-03-25 10:24]

Few economic challenges in recent times have perplexed international economists and policymakers quite as much as the persistent global imbalances between the world's major economies.

A slowing Chinese economy?

[2011-03-10 09:17]

Chinese officials warn that their economy is poised to slow. In late February, Premier Wen Jiabao announced that the target for annual GDP growth over the next five years is 7%.

Readers' Comments: What about inflation?

The EU's band-aid on a bullet hole

[2011-03-08 10:43]

Is the euro crisis any closer to a resolution? Europe's leaders have promised to devise by the end of this month a comprehensive package. Unfortunately, they are unlikely to succeed, because most of the elements of the package revealed so far address the symptoms of the crisis, not its underlying causes.

Asia's chains that bind

[2011-03-03 10:52]

Asian manufacturers have always migrated in search of cheaper labor. Until recently, China seemed their ultimate destination, claiming an ever larger share of investment by Asia's huge production networks.

China's economic growth needs diversity

[2010-12-15 15:27]

China needs to take notice of the risk involved in its economic growth dominated by the real estate sector with excessive investments in the country’s housing market, according to a housing green paper issued by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences on Dec 8, 2010.

Inflation an obstacle for harmonious society

[2010-12-01 15:12]

A series of tough measures have been implemented by Chinese authorities to curb rising commodity prices, taken for granted as the foundation of social security in the face of unaffordable housing. The impact at home and abroad is a hike in consumer prices.

Why 4 percent is controversial

[2010-11-29 09:22]

In a letter to the G20 financial leaders, US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner stunned the world with a proposal that G20 countries should "reduce external imbalances below a specified share of GDP over the next few years."