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China's pivotal role in world economy in 2012

[2011-12-27 16:59]

When the Chinese government states that the most important contribution China can make to the world economy is for its own economy to grow successfully they are not engaging in platitudes. They are articulating the truth.

The connectivity trilogy: Receiving information

[2011-09-06 14:49]

In this trilogy of articles related to connectivity for the China Daily community I want to address some incredible innovations that changed our lives, the way we do business and companies strategies.

Producing more food with less resources

[2011-08-15 16:39]

This article will touch a sensitive topic for organizations working on food and agribusiness integrated production chains. I will present the "Efficiency-Driven Agribusiness (EDA) Model", built upon in depth discussions (two workshops) with global agribusiness leaders, CEO's of companies operating in several world food markets.

What lies behind the new international financial crisis?

[2011-08-09 17:49]

For the second time in three years a financial hurricane is blowing with Standard and Poor's downgrading the US's credit rating, Europe's widening debt crises, weak US economic recovery, and $8 trillion of loses on international share markets.

Supply chain due diligence

[2011-08-04 13:24]

One of the possible ways for a company to increase margins and capture value is looking at its supply chain trying to make it more efficient. The objective here is to offer a sequence of six steps to evaluate the company´s integrated supply chain and to propose an action plan for improvements aiming to help in this important process.

US debt deal will hold back its economy

[2011-08-03 11:26]

The outcome of the negotiations on the US federal debt ceiling is a Republican policy victory. But it will do nothing to solve the US economy's problems, which were reflected in the slow growth revealed in GDP figures published prior to the debt agreement.

US debt crisis and the country's future

[2011-08-02 14:53]

Why should US tax payer's money be used to enforce regime changes of other countries, like in Iraq, Afghanistan and, now, Libya? Why should US service men be placed in harm's way to accomplish these kind of missions? Why should the US have military bases all over the world? Do these military bases enhance US national security or endanger US security?

Greece's bailout has increased Germany's economic power

[2011-07-25 15:48]

The new Greek bailout agreement is both a significant economic event and a German foreign policy success. Economically, the agreement moves towards European integration. Nevertheless, key economic issues remain unresolved.

US national debt and world economy

[2011-07-19 10:46]

US debt will reach the $14.3 trillion limit by Aug 2. If the Obama administration and the Republican Congress cannot reach an agreement by then, the US will for the first time default on its financial obligation to its own people as well as international creditors.

The Greek debt crisis and China

[2011-07-07 14:17]

It is another sign of the growing international impact of China that its economic strength has become part of the discussion on how to resolve Greece's debt crisis.

US, Europe should study Chinese

[2011-06-23 15:31]

Given the fact that in the three years since the financial crisis began, China's economy has grown by more than 30 percent, while the US has grown by 0.6 percent and the EU has shrunk by 2.1 percent, it would seem time for US and European economic policy to study some Chinese.

Political dogma limits US economic recovery

[2011-06-13 09:20]

Claims that the financial crisis showed the superiority of China's economic structure were not mere rhetoric. China's "socialist market economy" proved more capable of dealing with the crisis than the US' "free market economy."