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Adjustment of world economic growth patterns under way

[2010-07-08 10:01]

Since the start of global financial crisis in 2008, nations around the world and major economies in particular have been exploring their economic development modes to get rid of their predicament within the shortest possible time and retain the long-term sustainable growth.

Toronto Summit: Little has been achieved, more to be done

[2010-07-05 10:08]

Although the Canadian government spent about $1 billion on preparing for the summit, the summit itself achieved very little besides a few unimportant issues.

Stick to what's right for all instead of what's being said

[2010-06-21 14:02]

It was brainy for Oscar Wilde to have left us with such saying as "The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about."

Is China's economy really unmatched in world?

[2010-06-18 09:13]

More and more people say that China's economy is getting increasingly unmatched on track, but the notion of referring to China's economy as unmatched or unparalleled is inaccurate

Behind the No.1 tag

[2010-06-02 17:00]

China has reaped many No.1 titles: No.1 auto market, No.1 foreign exchange reserves holder. what is behind the No.1 tag?

Hainan's eerie boom

[2010-05-26 14:58]

"As the tide recedes we will be able to find who are naked." And only after dusk falls can we see a clearer picture behind the apparent prosperity of China's southernmost city.

Could huge safety net be strong enough to protect euro?

[2010-05-11 14:50]

The European Union (EU) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Monday pledged a bailout package worth nearly 1 trillion US dollars to defend the embattled euro.

Yuan's adjustment will continue

[2010-04-09 16:49]

The guessing game surrounding the Chinese currency continues after US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner's visit to Beijing.

Labeling China a currency manipulator would hurt US more

[2010-04-06 16:47]

US should think twice about declaring China a currency manipulator. It will lose more.

Exporters must heed changes in consumer behavior

[2010-01-30 15:29]

Andrew Robertson, head of BBDO, one of the largest ad companies in the world, told China Daily that Chinese exporters must take heed to the major changes in consumer behavior as a result of the global recession.

Gov'ts urged to regulate big banks, money

[2010-01-30 14:54]

Experts' views heard at Davos suggest that if governments' fail to take an coordinated effort to regulate big banks and big money, there will be a risk that the best time to reform international finance will be lost.

Asia contributes most growth in global ad industry

[2010-01-30 14:13]

In his interview with China Daily during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, John Wren, president and CEO of Omnicom Group Inc., one of the largest global advertising and communication service groups, said Asia has been contributing most growth in the global ad industry 2009-10.