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Colors of India

Updated: 2012-04-03 07:55

(China Daily)

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The many hues that bind the diverse country together.

One of the most striking impressions of India is color. From bright clothes to beautiful and creative paintings, from pottery and handicrafts to seasons, festivals and mouth-watering Indian cuisine, the distinctive, rich culture and the colorful spirit of its people are all a part of India.

Colors of India

Two girls run in a street of Delhi on Feb 25. Photos by Wang Jing / China Daily 

India has long been exalted as a country of colors. To an outsider, the vibrant culture, streets and stories seem like a page out of an ancient folk tale. But color has been a large part of the Indian consciousness since time immemorial.

From the deep orange marigold flowers that bejewel almost every celebration to the deep hues of red that embellish a bride on her most important day, color in India has, over time, become synonymous with religion and its expressions of faith and beliefs. A country where a deep understanding of diversity is a common thread that ties people together, India is a magical experience that ought not to be missed.

With a multitude of outlooks, lifestyles and traditions, it is India's common, simple expressions of color bind people together, whether in religion, politics, festivals or celebrations. In India, be it north, south, east or west, color and culture go hand in hand.

Colors of India

Indian women wait for bus in a street of Bangalore on Feb 29. 

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