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  • Shi Du

    2012-10-30 17:27

    The scenic spot is filled with sparkling streams, marshy swampland, and gushing springs. Adventure seekers can try horseback riding or bungee jumping.

  • Fragrant Hills draw floods of visitors

    2012-10-29 15:56

    The Fragrant Hills Park attracted 138,000 visitors on Sunday during its annual Red Leaf Festival, which is held from Oct 12 to Nov 11 this year.

  • Beijing to protect city's famous sites

    2012-10-17 16:42

    Beijing will preserve historical building and the former residences of famous people under a draft bill by the Beijing Municipal Commission of Urban Planning.

  • Tian'anmen screens show best of China

    2012-10-02 08:14

    In Tian'anmen Square in the heart of Beijing, tourists from all over the world are gazing up at the two big LED screens set up in the center of the square.

  • An age of restoration

    2012-08-27 09:08

    Ancients skills are being lost as beauty of cultural artifacts fades away.

  • Numerous tourists visits Summer Palace

    2012-07-30 10:28

    Tourists enjoy their time in the Summer Palace in Beijing, capital of China.

  • Beijing subway handles 8.39 m passengers

    2012-04-29 19:07

    Beijing's subway lines posted a record daily passenger trips of 8.39 million on Saturday, according to the Beijing MTR Corporation.

  • China's Summer Palace goes high-tech for protection

    2012-04-17 16:43

    The Summer Palace, will usher in advanced technologies such as real-time monitoring to collect data as part of its world heritage protection efforts.

  • Beijing puts 2.8 b yuan into traffic improvement

    2012-04-12 20:47

    Beijing plans to allocate 2.84 billion yuan ($450 million) this year to further improve the capital's notorious traffic, China News reported on Friday.

  • Forbidden City to be more open to visitors

    2012-03-09 21:08

    Beijing's Palace Museum, the Forbidden City, will keep the authenticity of all structures intact in maintenance work and security installation done on the relics, Shan Jixiang, the museum's curator, said on Thursday.

  • Changping to host strawberry festival

    2012-02-09 21:09

    The whole Changping district at northwest of the capital is fully equipped to embrace the 7th International Strawberry Symposium (VIIISS), which will be held here from Feb 18 to 22.

  • Wonder wall

    2011-08-05 10:54

    There are so many varying scenes along China's Great Wall.