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Changping to host strawberry festival

Updated: 2012-02-09 21:09
By Luo Wangshu (

BEIJING - The whole Changping district at northwest of Beijing is fully equipped to embrace the 7th International Strawberry Symposium (VIIISS), which will be held here from Feb 18 to 22.

"The symposium holds every four year, and it is the first time that Asian countries will host it," Jin Shudong, chief of Changping district, said on Thursday in a news conference for the symposium. "It's a honor for us Changping district to be the host."

Jin also said that the symposium will last only 5 days, but the center will open for strawberry picking till the end of June.

According to Jin, the symposium has helped local strawberry industries. Till now, over 10,000 strawberry greenhouses have been built within the district, and each one will bring some 30,000 yuan ($4,762) of profit for growers each year.

"It has also spurred local tourism industry," Jin continued in the news conference excitedly. For example, to warm up for the VIIISS, Changping hosted a strawberry festival from Jan 25 to 30, and about 84,000 tourists visited the festival.

"The symposium center will become a new recreational center for visitors," said Su Weidong, deputy chief of the district, who is in charge of the project. "To benefit visitors, we have also added two bus routes particularly for the symposium. One is from the subway station to the symposium to facilitate visitors from downtown Beijing, and the other is from Xiguan (center area of Changping district) to the symposium," he said.

Su also told China Daily that about 200 Changping residents volunteered for visitors to guide directions. "To be recognized easily by visitors, they will dress a shirt with VIIISS signs," he added. "They are the best helpers who are familiar with the picking spots.

Visitors will be able to taste 135 strawberry varieties from five continents at the event. Besides eating and picking, there are many funs to experience there, such as strawberry planting technology, walking under hanging strawberries, and etc.

To better prepare for the symposium, Wang Fengjin, a 52-year-old technician from Hebei province has spent 6 months to take care of the strawberry saplings in one of the demonstration greenhouse. "My daily work includes picking weeds, loosening the soil, and guiding others for technical support," she said.

If you go:

Ticket price for the symposium: 60 yuan plus strawberry picking fee

Route: Subway No 5 to Tiantongyuan North Station and take the shuttle bus

Or Bus Route 872 to Xiguan Huandao and take the shuttle

Time: 9 am to 5 pm from Feb 18 to June 30 (Not open to public from 9 am to 12 pm Feb 18 and Feb 20 for opening ceremony and academic conference)