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  • Works by Soviet-trained Chinese artists make public debut

    2013-03-24 08:14

    Since returning from the former Soviet Union, New China's first generation of fine art students abroad had never had a group exhibition, until now.

  • Magic course in the works

    2013-02-04 16:30

    Magicians may get a college diploma in the future, if a cooperation project between Beijing's Changping district and Beijing Film Academy's College of Continued Education works out.

  • Palace Museum to enlarge exhibit space

    2013-01-29 19:13

    Exhibiting space will be increased in the Palace Museum and more buildings in the Forbidden City will be opened for this purpose.

  • Backstreet Boys kick off world tour in China

    2013-01-22 22:16

    Backstreet boy band was in Beijing to announce the start of its 20th anniversary world tour in China this May.

  • Courses for horses

    2013-01-20 09:33

    With Psy's Gangnam Style song and dance routine being so popular it would be no surprise if more people wanted to try out the real thing: horse riding.

  • Foreign students stage Kung fu show

    2013-01-13 11:16

    International students from the Capital University of Physical Education and Sports perform kung fu during the Ministry of Education's 2013 New Year reception for international graduates, held at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing.

  • Precious jade on display for free in Beijing

    2013-01-11 15:27

    More than 300 pieces of precious jade, accumulated through China’s imperial times and representing the nation’s time-honored jade craftsmanship, are now on display in Beijing. The exhibition is hosted by Shenyu Museum and free to the public through Feb 8.

  • Wings of aspiration

    2013-01-06 18:26

    The phoenix has appeared in both Western and Eastern mythologies for millennia, with variations in form and symbolism across cultures.

  • Anthology of bamboo-themed poems published

    2012-12-22 20:07

    An anthology of 100 bamboo-themed Chinese poems has been published, which features a foreword and a poem written by former president Jiang Zemin.

  • Liuli Artwork in the Summer Palace

    2012-07-18 15:29

    Liuli means ancient Chinese glass or crystal. It has a lineage stretching back thousands of years, first making its appearance in the 11th century BC.

  • Artist finds a world of inspiration in lakes

    2012-08-27 14:20

    Anyone with even a passing interest in Chinese art knows that apart from the fabled Four Gentlemen.

  • Qi Gong exhibition opens at National Museum

    2012-07-27 16:26

    An exhibition featuring the works of renowned Chinese calligrapher Qi Gong opened at the National Museum of China on July 26, to mark the late artist's 100th birthday.

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