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Trending news across China on Sept 25 (2)

Updated: 2013-09-25 15:50

Is a wheelchair a symbol of respect for human rights? And a canteen ban at PKU - it's all trending across China.

Bai Yansong speaks on Wang's wheelchair

Bai Yansong, a top CCTV commentator, said during a CCTV news program that Wang Lijun's sitting in a wheelchair while testifying during Bo Xilai's trial on Monday showed that the court might do so to respect his human rights. On Monday, the host asked the court to explain why Wang, a former public security director looks in robust shape, used a wheelchair while testifying.

PKU canteen ban

Trending news across China on Sept 25 (2)

A major canteen in Peking University, one of china's top universities, issued a ban limiting people to buying no more than 3 of each kind of staple food. PKU students have long complained that the family members of PKU teaching staff and employees who work nearby scooped too much food and their portions were insufficient. (

A hit to rude tourists

The new tourism law, to be implemented during the National Day holidays, stipulates that visitors who leave scratches on cultural relics will receive a fine of 200 yuan, and severe offenders will face 5-10 days of detention and a 200-500 yuan fine. (

Housing finance risk warns

Trending news across China on Sept 25 (2)

Wang Shi, chairman of China's largest developer, Vanke, warned via his Sina Weibo account that ever-rising house prices in China's first and second-tier cities quite resembles the situation before Japan's economic bubbles burst in 1980s.