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42nd American Music Awards held in Los Angeles

Updated: 2014-11-24 10:10 (Agencies)


42nd American Music Awards held in Los Angeles

Musical act The Chopstick Brothers arrive at the 42nd American Music Awards in Los Angeles, California November 23, 2014. [Photo/Agencies]

China's Internet singing sensation Chopsticks Brothers won the award for international song of the year at the American Music Awards in Los Angeles, Nov 23, 2014.

Chopsticks Brothers – which consists of director Xiao Yang and musician Wang Taili - played a middle-aged singing duo in the film Old Boys: The Way of the Dragon. In the film, they sang Little Apple when they auditioned for an American music talent show and received a thumbs-up from the judges.

The duo has confirmed their attendance at the AMA, an awards show second only to the Grammys in prestige. They will join renowned singers including Taylor Swift and One Direction to deliver a night of sensational music to the world.

This is the first time a Chinese "god" song (a term for songs that go viral on the Internet) will be showcased on the global stage.

American Music Awards are awarded based on viewers' votes. South Korean singer Psy's Gangnam Style, which broke YouTube's most viewed video record, owes its global success to AMA.

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