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Noted restaurants for Shanghai snacks

Updated: 2012-09-27 09:10

Guang Ming Cun Restaurant

Guang Ming Cun Restaurant, open in 1948, is remarkable for dim-sum and snacks with over ten dishes awarded "Shanghai specialty snacks". Those snacks are highly appreciated including juicy chicken wanton soup, fired crabmeat stuffed bun and steamed pork stuffed bun. Some signature dishes are superb like crystal shrimp, peppery beef filet with honey, crispy duck, turtle and snake soup with herbs, eye brow-shaped crispy cake and milky date. The restaurant is popular with customers for its inexpensive piece, authentic taste, comfortable ambience and excellent service.

Specialty: juicy chicken wanton soup, fires crab meat stuffed bun

Address: 588 Huaihai Road (M.)

Tel: 021-53067878

Transportation: Bus 42, 911, 945

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