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Noted restaurants for Shanghai snacks

Updated: 2012-09-27 09:10

Shen Da Cheng Restaurant

Shen Da Cheng Reataurant was set up in 6th year of Qing Dynasty Emperor Guang Xu (1875). The founder Shen Ajin combined the best of dim-sum and traditional snacks, careful in selecting row materials and meticulous in preparations. Reputed as "king of dim-sum in Shanghai", some popular specialties include longevity peach-shaped cake, osmanthus cake slices, sticky rice ball with red bean paste and glutinous rice dumpling in bamboo leaves. Shanghai-style dumplings in bamboo leaves retain the feature of being fragrant, chewy and tasty, and curry chicken dumpling, the first of its kind, was produced. A glutinous rice dumpling in bamboo leaves going with a bowl of wanton soup sell very well at Shen Da Cheng.

Specialty: sticky rice cake slices, glutinous rice with bean paste, spinach-dyed sticky rice ball with red bean paste

Address: 636 Nanjing Road (E.)

Tel: 021-63225615

Transportation: Metro Line 1 (People's Square Station), Tourist Line 10, Bus 19, 37

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