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Noted restaurants for Shanghai snacks

Updated: 2012-09-27 09:10

Noted restaurants for Shanghai snacks

Cang Lang Ting

Cang Lang Ting is an old-brand restaurant among Suzhou-style noodle shops, features in chewy noodles and strong-flavored dressing. The pastries made are just as good as noodles. The specialties of "tri-color pasty" vary with the season. In winter and spring, they mainly sell crispy gingko cake and sweet New Year cake. Pure Brightness Festival is supplied eith Suzhou-style glutinous rice ball with red bean paste. In summer there are sticky rice ball with stie- fried meat fillings, square cake, Fu Ling cake with nuts, etc. Double-Nine cake is sold at the festical. Moon cake with fresh pork filling is a treat at Mid-Autumn Festival. Throughout the year Dingsheng (bound to win) cake, longevity fish noodle, shrimp noodle, Suzhou- style noodles and snacks.

Address: 1465 Fuxing Road (M)

Tel: 021-64372222

Transportation: Metro Line 1 (Changshu Road Station), Bus 02

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