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Noted restaurants for Shanghai snacks

Updated: 2012-09-27 09:10

Noted restaurants for Shanghai snacks

Lu Bo Lang Restaurant

Lu Bo Lang Restaurant, located by nine-twist-bridge at Old City God Temple, has an archaic, elegant and peaceful surrounding matching the elegance of Mid-Pond-Pavilion tea house next door. It is well-known by carefully selected raw materials and meticulous preparations, highly praised by gourmands from home and abroad. The signature dish "osmanthus cake" is so sticky in texture that gets stuck on plate or chopsticks but not tooth and feels smooth in the mouth carrying faint fragrance of rice wine, which puzzled former U.S President Clinton who had practiced with chopsticks for one month.

Specialty: eye brow-shaped crispy cake, sticky osmanthus cake, eight-treasure duck

Address: 115-131 Yuyang Road

Tel: 021-63280602

Transportation: Bus 11, 64, 66, 126, 920

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