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Merry Porky in burned forest

Updated: 2012-10-09 10:33

This time poor Porky ended His life in burning forest.

He failed to escape…

And because of His liquid supplies - His death was instant, and smelled good.

The minute of silence for His memory.

R.I.P. (Roast In Pan)

Preparation: 20 minutes

Cooking: 60-90 minutes

Level: medium


- pork meat (could be with fat) – I used meat from leg, marinated in garlic and spicy peppers

- dried black mushrooms

- fresh white mushrooms

- brandy


- meat should be marinated at list overnight


Merry Porky in burned forestMerry Porky in burned forest
Merry Porky in burned forest

-pour dried mushrooms in hot water, and let it rest for 15 minutes in hot bath

(You can add soy sauce – the best will be black, or black mushrooms flavored)

Merry Porky in burned forest

-wash and dry white mushrooms

- cut soaked black mushrooms in stripes

Merry Porky in burned forest

Merry Porky in burned forest

- pour oil on the pan or wok (this time I used pan), and heat

- add the pork meat (with its marinade), and fry until liquid almost disappear, and meat will be golden-brown

Merry Porky in burned forest

NOW BE CAREFUL – remove all flammable items from around and above pan, hide children under the table, etc.

- pour serious amount of brandy to the pan (at list one “medium rice bowl” or big glass – 0,2-0,3l maybe more)

- hold the pan in extended arm(s), and move it little aside to let fire from stove burn the brandy

Merry Porky in burned forest

- let the fire subside, and now You have nice sauce

- add black mushrooms, and simmer it until meat is almost ready (edible but alittle hard), if there sauce would evaporate before that – just add a little boiled water (hot) and continue cooking.


Merry Porky in burned forest


- now add white mushrooms, set high heat, and cover the pan (wok), let it cook for about 3 minutes on high heat, then stir, set low heat and continue simmering until meat is as soft it can be “cut” with the sticks.

Merry Porky in burned forest

Merry Porky in burned forest

serve hot:

- Chinese style (with rice, or noodles)


- western style (with potatoes, fries, or bread)

or any other way You like

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